Building Accessories

Roof Flashing and Trims

METROOF INDUSTRIES flashings are available in same material, colour, shade, and thickness as the sheets ordered. They are precision made with computerized design on PLC controlled equipment. All METROOF INDUSTRIES flashings and accessories come in a standard length of 3000 mm.

METROOF INDUSTRIES Sheeting Supplies offer a complete range of Roof flashings and trims.

These include Roof Flashing, Trims, Ridge Capping, Corner Flashing, Drip Flashing, Eaves Flashing, Insulated Gutters and Single Skin Gutters.

It is important that these are versatile and practical, but perhaps the ability to enhance the appearance of any building is of prime concern.

To obtain prices or order any roof and wall cladding flashings, please supply a sketch similar to those shown below, including all dimensions and angles.

Accessories and Fastening system

We stock various fastening systems for roofing and cladding.Self drilling/tapping type screws with a 5/16th hex head and saddle washers, fix in lower section of profiled sheet to metal purlins. Longer screws are available for fixing through insulation materials.

The most commonly used fastener for speed of erection is the self-drilling, self-tapping screw which incorporates and integral drill point for fixing in one operation with a power tool. Manufactured from either carbon steel or stainless steel the fastener heads either have an integral colour head or separate press-fit colour cap to match the colour of the cladding.

Polycarbonate / FRP Roof Sky lights

FRP roof light or translucent roof sheet which are also known as skylights, are glass fibre reinforced polyester sheets, including factory assembled insulating roof lights which allow diffused daylight into the building. We can supply GRP Roof lights to match our range of profiles. Translucent Sheets are Contact Moulded to any profile using clear UV stabilized Polyester Resins reinforced with Powder Bonded IE Grade fibreglass Mats. Particular care is taken to see that there are no air pockets in the laminate and the surface which is not in contact with the mould is top coated to provide closed surface which increases the life of Translucent Sheet. GRP Moulds used for manufacturing Translucent Sheets.

Roof Vent

Effective ventilation is an important aspect of a productive force. Fresh air makes people feel more alive and vital, whilst state hot air causes people to feel lethargic and disinterested. The mechanics involved in the air movement is very simple. The hot air inside the shed tends to rise up. When the turbines rotate, they suck the warm air out through the vent, thereby, bringing out a drop in temperature in the shed and allow supply of fresh air through doors and windows. The size, number and installation all depend on different factors which include wind velocity, temperature differential, environment conditions, and the size of the building. Turbine vents have been vastly used for many years in residential, agriculture, industrial buildings and warehouses.

Pop Blind Revets

Sealed Type-99.5% pure Aluminium Material composition to BS 1475 A 199.5 Mandrel: Aluminium (A) PD 68A 48 x 11.4 mm

Tensile Strength : 1060N (240Ibf)

Shear Strength : 1060 N (240Ibf)

Pop Blind Revets

Polyester laminated to a polyethylene backing with a high tack, natural rubber adhesive.

Colors : Silver or Black

Butyl Strip Sealants

Range of class A butyl strip sealants for side & end lap sealing.Reduces condensation in built up metal roofing systems prevents air leakage through lap joints ,a synthetic rubber-based extruded strip sealant.

Profiled Fillers

Filler blocks are an essential component in the makeup of modern constructions. When correctly specified and fitted, the profile filler blocks seal the cavities between the profiled sheets and the flashing or purlins. To perform as a true weather barrier the profile fillers should exhibit the following characteristics:

  • Adequate compressibility
  • Closed cell structure with no porosity
  • Heat retention properties
  • Long life without embrittlement