Composite Roofing

Composite roofing is a cost effective roofing solution with respect to its exceptional performance advantages which uses mixture of commonly used roofing material includes various layers like Bottom Sheet (Liner Sheet), Insulation, Top Sheet, Vapour Barrier, TPO Sheets, Acoustic Tissue Paper and so on depends on project requirement and location of the project. Composite panels are very versatile with a variety of colour, finishes, accessories, profiles wide range of coatings and insulation thickness and trims with hidden fasteners. On site fabricated sandwich panel provide better and economical solution even when compared with installation case.

They also have guaranteed structural thermal performance, soundproof rood. This us unique for industries requesting cool rooms, sound insulation and heat insulation. Ideally suited for commercial, industrial projects, Airport Projects. Converting counters delivering a fast and economical installation.

Types Of Composite Roofing

Single Skin Insulated Roofing

The system includes G. I. wire mesh, thermal insulation (Glass wool / Mineral wool) and Top Sheet. Due to insulation solar heat of roof is reduced by approx. 60% inside premises.

  • GI Wire Mesh
  • Insulation with Aluminum Foil Facing inside
  • Top Sheet

Single Skin Roofing

Single Skin With Gutter

Double Skinned Insulated Roofing

This system consists of Inner sheet, z spacer which is fixed along with purlin. Insulation (Glass wool / Mineral wool) and Top Sheet. This type of roofing can be used for roofing and cladding.

  • Liner sheet (roof or deck)
  • Sub girth Z / Hat sections
  • Insulation (with or without Al foil)
  • Top Sheet


Double Skin Roofing

Multilayer Insulated Roofing

This system includes various optional layer including Inner Sheet, Insulation, Outer Sheets, Cement
Board, TPO Sheet, Vapour Barrier, Acoustic Tissue and Deck Sheets as per project requirement, project location.This layer can be customized as per consultants, client requirement to suit project requirement.

  • Linear Sheet (Roof or Deck)
  • Acoustic Tissue
  • Cement / Fiber Boars
  • Insulation
  • Sub-Firth (Hat / 2 section)
  • Vapour Barrie
  • Top Sheet

Multilayer Roofing

TPO Multilayer Roofing System

This system includes various layer like Liner Sheet,
PIR Insulation, Cover Board, TPO Membrane and
so on

  • Liner Sheets (Roof or Deck)
  • Fiber / Cement Board
  • Thermo Plastic (TPO) Membrane
  • Insulation

This is one of the fastest growing commercial roofing products and have gained broad industry acceptance due to its performance advantage. These roofs are strong, leak proof and give aesthetic
look, reflect UV radiations which keep the surface of roof and the building during summer months.

Double Skin Roofing