Z & C Purlins

Purlins are the secondary ,yet the most important member of Pre-engineered building .

In place of conventional channels & angles Z &C purlins are most cost effective & easy to manufacture & install .

Purlins are available from 100mm -300mm depth/height and 45mm to 85mm wide in several  thickness with downturn lips ( flanges )


  • Fabrication & installation is easy ,time saving and cost effetive .
  • Gives Additional stability in lateral direction to the shed
  • Excellent finish & elegence as comapared to conventonal channels .
  • Steeved Purlins system ensures durability & rigidity of structures
  • Saves Cost ,in comparison to be conventional hot rolled purlins
  • On site Manufacturing possible .

For Sleeved System Arrangement

Z Purlin Data Table

Allowable loading in Kilo Newton/square meter