Roof Sandwich Panels

METROOF STRUCTURES Pvt. Ltd. manufacture sandwich panels by the use of rigid polyurethane with external and internal sheets of PPGL of different thickness, coating and colours. The general physical properties of polyurethane of overall density of 38 to 40 Kgs./Cum. The closed cell contains of greater than 90% thermal conductivity of 0.02/W/m0K and compressive strength. The insulated products i.e. Sandwich Roof Panels, Sandwich Wall Panels provided by METROOF STRUCTURES PVT.LTD. are high on the list of superior Insulation Products in terms of Quality and Performance as well as environmental characteristics and benefits.

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Metroof Sandwich Panels have lowest thermal conductivity of any of the large volume insulants, which enables space to be saved.

These panels have been especially developed as a protective element against extreme temperature conditions.

Mspl Roof Puff Panel Isometric View

Technical Specifications


  • Outstanding insulation properties due to chemical structure of polyurethane
  • Low dead weight due to the combination of light weight material
  • Simple and fast erection
  • Durability with low maintenance cost

Sandwich Wall Panels

Is a factory-made insulated wall panel having steel facing with polyurethane foam core. These panels are available in 50/80/100/150/200 mm thickness and are 330/1110 mm wide, with length up to 14.0 meters. The side joints are formed with tongue and groove system. External / Internal facing of galvanised steel, also Galvanised steel cam locks along the side of the panels every 1000 mm in order to enable the panels to be tightened together.

  • Width: With standards of 330-1110mm
  • Maximum Length: Up to 14.00 Meters
  • Thickness of Panels: 50 to 200mm
  • Insulation: Self bonding polyurethane foam
  • Colours Available: STD colour RAL 9002 and other colours may be possible on request.